Aerospike storage.

class faust.stores.aerospike.Client[source]

Dummy Client.

exception faust.stores.aerospike.RecordNotFound[source]

Dummy Exception.

class faust.stores.aerospike.AeroSpikeStore(url: Union[str, URL], app: AppT, table: CollectionT, options: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Aerospike table storage.

BIN_KEY = 'value_key'
USERNAME_KEY: str = 'user'
HOSTS_KEY: str = 'hosts'
PASSWORD_KEY: str = 'password'
NAMESPACE_KEY: str = 'namespace'
TTL_KEY: str = 'ttl'
POLICIES_KEY: str = 'policies'
CLIENT_OPTIONS_KEY: str = 'client'
client: Client
ttl: int
policies: Mapping[str, Any]
static get_aerospike_client(aerospike_config: Dict[Any, Any]) Client[source]

Try to get Aerospike client instance.

Return type:


logger: logging.Logger = <Logger faust.stores.aerospike (WARNING)>
reset_state() None[source]

Remove system state.

This does nothing when using the Aerospike store.

Return type:


persisted_offset(tp: TP) Optional[int][source]

Return the persisted offset.

This always returns None when using the aerospike store.

Return type:

_UnionGenericAlias[int, None]

aerospike_fun_call_with_retry(fun, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Call function and retry until Aerospike throws exception.

async backup_partition(tp: Union[TP, int], flush: bool = True, purge: bool = False, keep: int = 1) None[source]

Backup partition from this store.

Not yet implemented for Aerospike.

Return type:


restore_backup(tp: Union[TP, int], latest: bool = True, backup_id: int = 0) None[source]

Restore partition backup from this store.

Not yet implemented for Aerospike.

Return type: