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Vineet Goel

You must not solicit for free support from email addresses on this list. Ask the community for help in the Slack channel, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.

Contributors become committers by stepping up to the task. They can 1) triage issues, help others on the issue tracker, code reviews, Slack or mailing lists, or 2) make modifications to documentation and code. The award for doing this in any significant capacity for one year or longer, is to be added to the list of maintainers above.




Allison Wang

Jamshed Vesuna

Jaren Glover

Jerry Li

Prithvi Narasimhan

Ruby Wang

Shrey Kumar Shahi

Mika Eloranta

Omar Rayward

Alexander Oberegger

Matthew Stump

Martin Maillard

Mattias Karlsson

Matthias Wutte

Thibault Serot

Ryan Whitten

Nimi Wariboko Jr

Chris Seto

Amit Ripshtos

Miha Troha

Perk Lim

Julien Surloppe

Bob Haddleton

Nimish Telang

Cesar Pantoja

Tomasz Nguyen

Artak Papikyan

Andrei Tuppitcyn

Vikram Patki

Victor Miroshnikov

Tobias Rauter


Leandro Vonwerra

Ignacio Peluffo

Sergej Herbert

Marcos Schroh

Denis Kovalev

Jonathan A. Booth

Eran Kampf

Wjatscheslaw Kewlin

Ramkumar M

Mark Lambert

William Barnhart