Record - Dictionary Model.

class faust.models.record.Record[source]

Describes a model type that is a record (Mapping).


>>> class LogEvent(Record, serializer='json'):
...     severity: str
...     message: str
...     timestamp: float
...     optional_field: str = 'default value'
>>> event = LogEvent(
...     severity='error',
...     message='Broken pact',
...     timestamp=666.0,
... )
>>> event.severity
>>> serialized = event.dumps()
'{"severity": "error", "message": "Broken pact", "timestamp": 666.0}'
>>> restored = LogEvent.loads(serialized)
<LogEvent: severity='error', message='Broken pact', timestamp=666.0>
>>> # You can also subclass a Record to create a new record
>>> # with additional fields
>>> class RemoteLogEvent(LogEvent):
...     url: str
>>> # You can also refer to record fields and pass them around:
>>> LogEvent.severity
>>> <FieldDescriptor: LogEvent.severity (str)>
classmethod from_data(data: Mapping, *, preferred_type: Optional[Type[ModelT]] = None) Record[source]

Create model object from Python dictionary.

Return type:


to_representation() Mapping[str, Any][source]

Convert model to its Python generic counterpart.

Records will be converted to dictionary.

Return type:

_GenericAlias[str, Any]

asdict() Dict[str, Any][source]

Convert record to Python dictionary.

Return type:

_GenericAlias[str, Any]