LiveCheck - related exceptions.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.LiveCheckError[source]

Generic base class for LiveCheck test errors.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.SuiteFailed[source]

The whole test suite failed (not just a test).

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.ServiceDown[source]

Suite failed after a depending service is not responding.

Used when for example a test case is periodically sending requests to a HTTP service, and that HTTP server is not responding.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.SuiteStalled[source]

The suite is not running.

Raised when warn_stalled_after=3600 is set and there has not been any execution requests in the last hour.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.LiveCheckTestSkipped[source]

Test was skipped.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.LiveCheckTestFailed[source]

The test failed an assertion.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.LiveCheckTestRaised[source]

The test raised an exception.

exception faust.livecheck.exceptions.LiveCheckTestTimeout[source]

The test timed out waiting for an event or during processing.