Program faust model used to list details about a model.

class faust.cli.model.model(ctx: Context, *args: Any, key_serializer: Optional[Union[CodecT, str]] = None, value_serializer: Optional[Union[CodecT, str]] = None, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Show model detail.

headers = ['field', 'type', 'default']
options: Optional[OptionList] = [argument('name')]
async run(name: str) None[source]

Dump list of registered models to terminal.

Return type:


model_fields(model: Type[ModelT]) Sequence[Sequence[str]][source]

Convert model fields to terminal table rows.

Return type:


field(field: FieldDescriptorT) Sequence[str][source]

Convert model field model to terminal table columns.

Return type:


model_to_row(model: Type[ModelT]) Sequence[str][source]

Convert model to terminal table row.

Return type:


app: AppT
key_serializer: CodecArg

The codec used to serialize keys. Taken from instance parameters or key_serializer.

value_serialier: CodecArg

The codec used to serialize values. Taken from instance parameters or value_serializer.

debug: bool
quiet: bool
workdir: str
datadir: str
json: bool
logfile: str
stdout: IO
stderr: IO
args: Tuple
kwargs: Dict